WE now have a contractual agreement with the IFBB BODYBUILDING COMMUNITY RESPECTFULLY...



Updated 7/3/20.  


WERE  ONLY ACCEPTING WESTERN UNION or CASH APP UNTIL THE CORONA VIRUS IS OVER, email us for details superiorlabs@protonmail.com





Summer is coming...


Were giving away extra vials to our repeated VIP customers...








Welcome to SUPERIORPHARMALABSINC, We are a fully Domestic supplier that's been around for years. We belong to many boards, we were suppliers for many, and our products are impeccable, were well known WORLD-WIDE. This is a fully secure 100% encrypted website for the safety of our clients and our self. We have fully installed a SHA-2 and a 2048-bit encryption, the strongest software on the internet for your protection and ours. We have a STORE/SHOP feature, E-Z in and out, and We are one of the few to be apart of the ELITE IFBB (International federation bodybuilding) community. That speaks volumes.

Our Super Test is hands down the best Testosterone out there, our exclusive products are enclosed in each a 10 or a 20mL VIAL., Our vials are always overdosed, sterile, and quality controlled, we are the only supplier world-wide to carry that. Were the real deal,

We have BOARD OWNERS and MODERATORS on our products, we have referrals. Our discreet, lightening fast delivery services average 1-3 days to your door step GUARANTEED.. Were FASTER than AMAZON-PRIME. All packages are shipped PRIORTY USPS flat rate next day after funds are received, which includes a tracking number for your pleasure.              NO MINIMUM ORDER

                                                                   NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED 

We are ranked in the top 10 world wide because our quality products are impeccable, outstanding/amazing gains for a reason. You wont be disappointed...


Our exclusive oils are made in a sterile laboratory, unlike other suppliers, we use GSO oils and Miglyol 840 has a visconsity of 9-12 at 60*F, cottonseed oil 33.5 and GSO oil 39.6. Our goal is to continue to have consistent pain free oils, no PIP, its smooth as butter with our products. Our exclusive oils are made with pharma grade USP FILTERED cottonseed and other special organic ingredients. Our BA content is 2%.

We do NOT carry any pills, we are strictly dedicated to make the best, pain free oils ever. WORLD-WIDE DELIVERY,

Any questions or concerns, please email me at superiorlabs@protonmail.com 

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